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Legislative Tracking

RPC tracks various legislative bills that may have impacts on RPC's communities or regional planning commissions, and provides letters of testimony on some bills. The following is the RPC's current legislative tracking chart:

About the Legislative Policy Committee

The Legislative Policy Committee consists of a Chair, Vice chair and up to 7 members as appointed by the Executive Committee. The function of the Legislative Policy Committee is threefold:

  1. To monitor and recommend positions on proposed legislation that is of specific interest or concern to the Commission based.
  2. To develop general Legislative Policies subject to adoption by the Commission.
  3. To periodically organize a Legislative Forum on topics of interest to legislators, commissioners and municipal officials.

The Committee meets on an as needed basis, at the call of the Chair. During the active legislative session meetings are usually held monthly. The Committee also tracks various legislative bills that may have impacts on RPC's communities or regional planning commission, and provides letter of testimony on some bills.

For upcoming meeting agendas and recent minutes for the Legislative Committee can be found below. For a complete listing of all RPC meetings and minutes, please visit the Meetings page.


Chair: Tim Moore (Plaistow)

Barbara Kravitz (Hampton)

James VanBokkelen (South Hampton)

Alan Davis (Hampstead)

Beth Moreau (Portsmouth)

Jaci Grote (Rye)

Mike Rabideau (Seabrook)

Ann Carnaby (Hampton)

Staff: Tim Roache, Executive Director; Scott Bogle, Senior Transportation Planner

Committee Meeting Documents

Committee Date Agenda Minutes Meeting Documents
Legislative Committee 2021-03-29
Legislative Committee 2021-03-23
Legislative Committee 2021-03-09
Legislative Committee 2021-02-23
Legislative Committee 2020-02-11
Legislative Committee 2019-02-21
Legislative Committee 2019-01-31
Legislative Committee 2019-01-02
Legislative Committee 2018-11-07
Legislative Committee 2018-09-05
Legislative Committee 2018-03-20