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Zoom Meetings

Helpful Tips and Links for Running a Zoom Meeting

Trying to navigate this new world of virtual public meetings? So are we!
Here are a few tips that we have learned to help ease the transition during this time.

Before beginning the meeting:

  • The chair (or host) should review basics of how the meeting is going to be run and how to use the zoom features
Ask all participants to:
  • Mute their microphone (Chair of the meeting can also mute all)
  • Use the Raise Hand feature
  • Use Chat to write out motions
  • Use the same order for all roll call votes
  • Record the rollcall votes in Chat
  • For public meetings, consider turning off the chat due to records concerns and un-moderated comments
  • Record the meeting
  • Share screen functionality is available for presenters

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Troubleshooting for a Zoom meeting