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Work Program

RPC is involved in many projects on a variety of topics involving state, regional and local issues. These topics range from transportation, land use, and economic development to energy, natural hazards and environmental planning. Much of RPC’s work is conducted as part of ongoing processes, but the Commission is also regularly involved in short-term projects within communities. All of the projects expected to be undertaken by RPC staff during the course of a fiscal year are included in the RPC Work Program for that year.

The work program is comprised of two documents for each fiscal year; the Local Work Program and the Regional Work Program. The Local Work Program identifies the circuit riding, zoning and regulatory revisions, general transportation planning, and other services provided to individual communities within the region. The Regional Work Program lists the regional grants that are received, such as Targeted Block Grant and NH Coastal Program, and the tasks that are expected to be accomplished utilizing those funds. This document also provides a short overview of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for transportation planning in the region.

Examples of RPC’s work programs:

2018 Regional Work Program

2018 Local Work Program

Many types of local technical assistance are provided to member towns. Aside from a variety of "automatic" services, such as informational mailings and workshops, direct membership services are provided on an "as requested" basis to all member communities.

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