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Many types of local technical assistance are provided to member towns. Aside from a variety of "automatic" services, such as informational mailings and workshops, direct membership services are provided on an "as requested" basis to all member communities.

Member communities also benefit from the region wide activities of the Commission including the following:

  • Preparation and update of the Regional Master Plan as required by state statute
  • Development and maintenance of model regulations and ordinances
  • Educational seminars and workshops including sponsorship of the annual Law Lecture Series, Planning Board Training Series, FEMA, Building Inspectors workshops and special topic programs as needed
  • Maintenance of local, regional and statewide statistics and Census data on population, demographics, housing, employment, transportation, and more
  • Regional Transportation planning
  • Regional Environmental planning
  • Regional Housing Assessment; assistance with community preparation of SB 342
  • Assistance to local and regional land trust
  • Technical assistance with GIS/mapping
  • Review of developments determined to have regional impact
  • Maintenance of a library of planning books, studies, and land use regulations for the region
  • Review and comment on projects receiving federal aid in the region
  • Assistance in ongoing regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection
  • Training and Use of Global Positioning System (GPS) Unit
  • Access to planning grants including: TBG, Coastal Program, and transportation technical studies
  • Brownfields Program - Identify properties for redevelopment that are underutilized due to possible contamination
  • Assistance for Local Energy Committees

Direct Membership Services to dues-paying members only include the following:

  • Informational mailings explaining the impacts of significant court decisions, amendments to state statutes, newly developed model ordinances, etc.
  • Review and analysis of zoning ordinances, subdivision, and site plan review regulations and master plans, including suggested amendments and minor revisions
  • Drafting or reviewing proposed land use regulations (e.g., excavation, erosion and sedimentation control, accessory apartments, home occupations, signs, parking, open space development ordinances, etc.)
  • Telephone support providing advice and assistance on a myriad of planning questions
  • Assistance in reviewing unique subdivision and site plans
  • Short-term research projects on planning issues, data collection and analysis
  • Research and preparation of grant applications
  • Organizational assistance to local land use boards (e.g., rules of procedure, zoning amendment schedules, application forms and checklists)
  • Assistance with the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Computer/publication services such as word processing land use control regulations, updating as necessary and providing copies

Contractual Services

In addition to membership services, the Commission staff also undertakes work on a contractual basis for special projects which are needed to address specific local issues. Assistance of this nature is available at the at-cost hourly rate for member communities and, as time permits, at a higher rate for non-members.

Examples of available services provided under contract include the following:

  • Preparation and revision of local Planning documents include:
    • Master Plans
    • Water Resource Management Plans
    • Natural Resources Inventories
    • Housing Needs Assessments
    • Open Space Plans
    • Historic Resources Inventories
  • Circuit-rider planner services which provide direct professional planning assistance in Town Offices and at Board meetings
  • Capital Improvement Programs
  • Traffic impact analysis, traffic problem evaluation, and traffic counting
  • Development of impact fee systems and related regulations
  • Large-scale mapping or graphic projects
  • Use of the RPC computer mapping equipment (Geographic Information System) for the preparation of natural resources inventories, corridor studies, land parcel information systems, and other mapping/analysis projects
  • Initial preparation or revision of zoning ordinances, site plan review and subdivision regulations
  • Preparation of citizen surveys and results tabulation
  • Development plan review on a regular basis or as requested
  • Other Land-use studies, plans, inventories

GIS Services

The Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS) comprised of digital map layers and associated databases, software, computers, printers, and staff. The GIS is used to produce maps and spatial information for many projects undertaken by RPC. GIS at RPC is used in contract work for state agencies, municipalities and other entities. It is also used to provide map and data assistance to staff planners and in providing local technical assistance to member community governments. Public officials and municipal employees are encouraged to utilize the RPC GIS data and capabilities in furtherance of their municipal or other public duties.

RPC offers a range of GIS services to member communities and other entities on a contract basis, including map production, geographic data analysis, and GPS data collection.