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Exeter Resilience - Lincoln Street II Project

In partnership with Robert Roseen, Waterstone Engineering

The Exeter Resilience - Lincoln Street II Project focused on three main themes:

> Resilient Green Infrastructure

> Climate Adaptation Policy

> Innovative Messaging

Project Summary and Goals

  1. Achieve municipal capacity building around planning for climate change and flood events.
  2. Implement public outreach and communication to build support for and understanding of adaptation planning including economic considerations.
  3. Advance green infrastructure and other effective means of adaptation implementation for flood damage avoidance and water quality improvement.

Watershed Assessment, Flood Analysis, and Adaptation with Green Infrastructure

  1. The total annual nitrogen load from the entire Lincoln Street watershed is 1,265 pounds.
  2. Installation of nine Best Management Practices (BMPs) is expected to reduce this load by 691 pounds annually, a 76% reduction.
  3. The BMP unit cost performance averaged $1,000 and ranged from $498 - $5,080 per pound of nitrogen, and is estimated to be $1,200 for the new Exeter facility at $3 mg/L.
  4. Flood reductions are estimated at 60% for the current 10-year storm and 50% for the future 2040 storm with 9.21 feet of storm surge.
  5. These activities address requirements of EPA’s 2017 NH Small MS4 General Permit for stormwater for nitrogen source identification reporting, and BMP optimization and prioritization.

Project Materials

Exeter Resilience - Lincoln Street II Final Report

Final Report - Appendix A Fact Sheets

Final Report - Appendix B Outreach Materials

Exeter Resilience- Project Flyer

Exeter Resilience Retrofit Opportunities Flyer

Exeter Resilience Stormwater Economic Benefits Flyer

Exeter Resilience Flood Reduction Flyer

Water Trail Signs at Lincoln Street and Main Street Elementary schools (installed Spring 2019)

Water Trail Flyer and Activity Worksheet

Exeter Climate Adaptation Policy (draft)

Climate Adaption Policy Flyer

This project was funded, in part, by NOAA's Office for Coastal Management under the Coastal Zone Management Act in conjunction with the NH Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program.