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TIP Amendments

Amendments are intended to address major changes to project scopes or costs or that affect air quality conformity. The amendment process also provides an opportunity to process all administrative modifications and information only changes that may have been approved since the previous amendment. Amendments require, at a minimum, a 10-day public comment period, a conformity determination, and subsequent approvals, but may also require a review or update to the air quality analysis. The timeframe to process amendments is likely to be three (3) or more months depending upon the complexity of the changes and the level to which air quality conformity must be considered. To the extent possible, amendments to the TIP will be grouped with other amendments to the STIP and processed on a quarterly basis.

Project changes in an MPO area must comply with the provisions of 23 CFR 450.326 pertaining to TIP revisions. Regardless of whether the project change is initiated by the MPO or the NHDOT, the MPO Policy Committee must adopt the amendment to the approved TIP. There must be a public participation process, consistent with the MPO’s public participation plan (Included in the MPO Prospectus), and a public comment period of at least 10 to 30 days, with duration to be established through interagency consultation including the MPO, NHDOT, NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) Air Resources Division, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) New Hampshire Division, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region One, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region One. Upon formal endorsement of the amendment at a public MPO meeting, the MPO shall provide a copy of the amendment to the State, FHWA and FTA. Any amendment to the TIP must be accompanied by a corresponding conformity determination by the MPO. That conformity determination, depending upon the discussions through interagency consultation, may or may not require a new air quality analysis.

The State shall incorporate the amendment into the STIP and submit the amended STIP to FHWA/FTA for approval. The NHDOT must demonstrate that the STIP remains financially constrained. Each amendment shall be dated and sequentially numbered. If the amendment consists of only highway projects or only transit projects and no conformity determination is required, the FHWA or FTA may approve the amendment unilaterally otherwise, approval will be by joint letter. The state will forward copies of the approval to the affected MPOs. The MPO will, in turn, notify the affected Transit Operator(s), if transit projects are involved.

The Amendments to the 2015-2018 TIP are listed sequentially below:

Pending Amendments

There are no pending amendments at this time.

Approved Amendments

Amendment #3 – Approved April 13, 2016

2015-2018 TIP Amendment #3 Approval Letter

2015-2018 TIP Amendment #3

Amendment #2 – Approved February 11, 2016

2015-2018 TIP Amendment #2 Approval Letter

2015-2018 TIP Amendment #2

Amendment #1 – Approved by the MPO on July 29, 2015

2015-2018 TIP Amendment #1 Approval Letter

2015-2018 TIP Amendment #1