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Historic Resources

The Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) region is rich in American history, dating to its original European settlement in 1623; but also extending back into pre-history with the earliest Native American sites dating back 9,000 years. Among these resources are buildings, sites, documents, and institutions that trace the history of not just individual towns or cities, but the State of New Hampshire and the nation as a whole. These resources help to define the character of our communities, and contribute to the region’s quality of life and economic vitality.

The purpose of this chapter is fourfold:

  1. To identify and describe the historical resources of the Rockingham region and their significance in local, regional, state and national history
  2. To present an overview of preservation tools and techniques that communities in the region currently use or should consider.
  3. To identify key issues that communities will need to address as part of local preservation efforts.
  4. To offer recommendations and action steps for the Planning Commission and communities to better identify, preserve, promote, and benefit from the region’s cultural heritage.

Regional Master Plan - Historic Resources Chapter and Maps

Historic Resources Chapter Goals

Goal 1

Historical resources and community character are routinely considered and protected as part of the planning and development review process.

Goal 2

The region’s historical and cultural resources are well documented and interpreted to promote public understanding and appreciation.

Goal 3

New development and redevelopment respect and complement the historical and architectural character of communities.

Goal 4

Historic structures are rehabilitated and adaptively reused whenever possible.

Goal 5

Historical and cultural resources are leveraged to support economic development.