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Traffic Data

Traffic Count Viewer

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) and RPC conduct annual traffic counts at many locations around the state to enhance transportation planning efforts. The following interactive map represents the locations where traffic count data is collected within the RPC region (as well as other regions in the state). The web-based application allows users to customize searches, and directly view and download the available traffic count data.

Clicking the below image will open the interactive map in a new tab via the NHDOT Transportation Data Management System application.

NHDOT Traffic Count Web Viewer Application

Traffic Volume Reports

NHDOT collects all traffic volume counts conducted by the Regional Planning Commissions each year and produces an annual traffic volume report. These counts can be accessed by municipality or state highway route number. The detailed count sheets are available for many of these locations and provide hourly volume numbers.

Traffic Volumes listed by County and Municipality

Traffic Volumes listed by State Route Number

Traffic Volume Detail Sheets by Municipality

Automatic Traffic Recorder Counts are also available for the approximate 75 locations around the state where permanent counters have been installed. These reports show monthly volumes, including average weekday, average Saturday, and average Sunday volumes, back to 2003. The 200 highest hour reports are available for each of these locations for each year as well.

Automatic Traffic Counter Reports