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The RPC is governed by the full Commission – the body made up of all the appointed representatives of each of the member communities, as prescribed by RSA 36:46. Per RSA 36:48, the Commission has adopted Bylaws to establish a governing structure necessary to operate. The Bylaws establish an Executive Committee and delegate certain authorities to it, including the ability to execute contracts, make timely appointments, and take other actions necessary in between Commission meetings. In addition, the Commission also appoints an Executive Director to be the Commission’s chief administrative officer, to manage the business affairs of the Commission, employ and supervise staff and supervise the Commission work program.

The Commission also establishes an MPO Policy Committee to fulfill the needs of the federal metropolitan planning process. Although created by the Commission, the Policy Committee membership is a superset of the Commission in that it includes membership from outside entities, including the NHDOT, COAST, CART, and the Pease Tradeport. The Commission remains the legal entity for contract purposes, but the Policy Committee is the decision making body for all MPO transportation policy decisions.

RPC Organizational Chart

The Commission’s bylaws, policies, current work program, and funding information are available via the following links: