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Resilient Land Use Guide For New Hampshire

Adapting to Climate Change & Coastal Hazards

A set of land use model regulations that incorporate the best practices and updated information to help municipalities in New Hampshire adapt to climate change and coastal hazards.


Municipalities in New Hampshire are increasingly taking steps to adapt to climate change and coastal hazards. The Resilient Land Use Guide for NH is intended to provide local officials and decision-makers with a set of land use model regulations that incorporate the best available information and practices to aid them in making informed decisions about land use within their municipalities. The Guide incorporates a wide range of topics related to resiliency and offers adaptation strategies that fit a variety of community goals and needs. Municipalities can choose regulations based on their geographic characteristic, community goals, or local issues. This Guide was developed to be user-friendly, and to allow for future expansion as needs are identified, knowledge changes, and community priorities evolve.

Developed in partnership between Rockingham Planning Commission and Strafford Regional Planning Commission, with support from the NH Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program, NH BEA Office of Planning & Development, and the NH Coastal Adaptation Workgroup.

Legal Authority & How to Adopt the Regulations

Where Are You Located?

Locations Where Regulations Apply: Descriptions & Maps

Complete Set of Descriptions & Maps

Case Studies

Portsmouth: One community’s approach to protecting historic resources from sea level rise and storm surge.

Hampton: One community’s approach to reducing flood hazards in the face of rising seas and development pressure.

Dover, Durham & Lee: Three unique approaches to improve floodplain management and reduce future flood risk in a changing climate.

Model Regulations

Community Goals Regulations Support: Open Space Protection | Stormwater Management | Flood Protection | Water Quality Protection | Drinking Water Protection | Infrastructure Protection | Environmental Protection | Economic Development | Recreation Opportunities | Transportation Enhancement |Historic & Cultural Preservation | Community Design & Aesthetics | Community Equity

Model Topics & Regulations:

For more information please contact Jenn Rowden, Land Use Program Manager at or 603-658-0521.

Guide Outreach

This project was funded, in part, by NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management under the Coastal Zone Management Act in conjunction with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program.