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Powwow River Watershed Collaborative

The RPC is launching a new project designed to improve and protect water quality in the Powwow River Watershed. RPC needs local knowledge of existing pollution problems and potential sources of pollution. Representatives from towns in the watershed - Seabrook, Kensington, East Kingston, Kingston, Danville, Sandown, Hampstead, Newton and South Hampton – will participate on a working group. This collaborative working group will serve as a forum for sharing local knowledge about the watershed with other stakeholders.

The Powwow River watershed is largely rural and undeveloped and so threats to water quality are not always obvious. Data from the NH Department of Environmental Services indicate there are serious water quality impairments, and a need to gain a better understanding of the sources of water pollution. RPC will compile information about existing water quality problems, land use, impervious surface cover, and sensitive resources and habitat areas to create a water quality profile of the watershed.

The primary goal of the Powwow River Watershed Collaborative is to identify effective strategies to improve water quality and protect existing high quality water and natural resources. To accomplish this, collaboration across municipal boundaries and among watershed stakeholders is key!

Maps and informational Resources

Map 1 Wildlife Action Plan Priority Habitats
Map 2Conservation Priority Lands
Map 3Wellhead Protection & Aquifers
Map 4Land Use
Map 5Impervious Surfaces
Map NR2Impaired Surface Waters

Funding for this project was provided in part by a Watershed Assistance Grant from the NH Department of Environmental Services with Clean Water Act Section 604(b) funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.