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Rockingham Planning Commission is a voluntary public organization established under state law (RSA 36:45-58) which is funded by, sustained by, and tied directly to local governments. It is run by representatives appointed by its member municipalities. These representatives (Commissioners) set Commission policy, make monetary decisions, and decide what work the Commission will get involved in. Commission membership is voted on at town and city council meetings in the individual municipalities served and maintained through the payment of an annual dues assessment.

Commissioners serve two primary functions:

  1. To govern the Commission through decision‑making and policy setting, with the staff carrying out those decisions, and
  2. To communicate regularly between the Commission and the town or city they represent so that the town is aware of Commission activities and the Commission is aware of local issues and concerns.

Additional information about Commissioner Appointment Procedures and the RPC Commissioner Handbook are available under Resources at the bottom of this page.

Current List of RPC Commissioners (2021):

Mary Allen Town of Newton
Roger Barham Town of Fremont
Peter Britz City of Portsmouth
Andrew Brubaker Town of Hampton Falls
Ann Carnaby Town of Hampton
Peter Coffin Town of Kingston
Annie Collyer Town of Newton
Glenn Coppelman Town of Kingston
Lucy Cushman Town of Stratham
Alan Davis Town of Hampstead
Jim Doggett Town of Newton
Robert Donahue Town of Salem
Gwen English Town of Exeter
Lauri Etela Town of North Hampton
Kendra Ferm Town of Raymond
Joe Foley Town of Epping
Valerie Gamache Town of North Hampton
Stephen Gerrato Town of Greenland
Julie Gilman Town of Exeter
Jaci Grote Town of Rye
Susan Hastings Town of Hampstead
John Hayden Town of Newfields
Denis Hebert Town of Newington
Jason Janvrin Town of Seabrook
Josh Jeffrey Town of North Hampton
Julian Kiszka Town of Plaistow
Barbara Kravitz Town of Hampton
Michael McAndrew Town of New Castle
Richard McDermott Town of Hampton Falls
Deaglan McEachern City of Portsmouth
Peter Merrill Town of Kensington
William Meserve Town of Newfields
Leanne Miner Town of Fremont
Tim Moore Town of Plaistow
Beth Moreau City of Portsmouth
Mark Olson Town of Hampton
Paul Pelletier Town of Salem
Langdon Plumer Town of Exeter
Mike Rabideau Town of Seabrook
John Tabor City of Portsmouth
Greg Taillon Town of Plaistow
Mark Traeger Town of Sandown
Mike Turell Town of Atkinson
James VanBokkelen Town of South Hampton
Edward Warren Town of East Kingston
Alissa Welch Town of Raymond
Phil Winslow Town of Rye


The Commission maintains several standing committees to facilitate its organization and operation. These are not required by statute, but are specified in Article XI of the RPC Bylaws. Standing committees include:

Rules of procedure governing the scope and function for Standing Committees are established in the Commission Bylaws as well. Standing Committees are subcommittees of the Commission, and subject to certain general operating procedures established in the bylaws. In addition, all standing committees of the RPC are subject to applicable provisions of RSA 91-A “Access to Governmental Records and Meetings”. Unless otherwise defined in the bylaws, all standing committees are advisory to the Commission.

In addition to the committees listed above, all Commissioners serve as members of the Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), along with members from state and local transportation agencies, to advise on regional transportation planning. For additional information, visit the About the MPO page.