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About the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Commission, including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and immediate Past-Chair, as well as eight at-large members, provided that not more than two members shall be from the same community. A quorum consists of five (5) members. The members are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected annually by the Commission.

The Executive Committee oversees the policy action of the commission and is responsible for acting for the Commission in the interim between regular meetings. Its authority is established by the Commission to include carrying out the policies of the Commission, acting on personnel changes, taking action on routine monthly financial statements and executing contracts. The Executive Committee shall report all its activities to the Commission at the next regular Commission meeting.

For upcoming meeting agendas and recent minutes for the Executive Committee can be found below. For a complete listing of all RPC meetings and minutes, please visit the Meetings page.


(13 members elected by Commission) (Quorum = 5 members)


At-Large Members

Chairman: Alan Davis (Hampstead)

Vice Chairman: Elizabeth Moreau (Portsmouth)

Secretary: Glenn Coppelman (Kingston)

Treasurer: Mike Turell (Atkinson)

Past Chairman: Richard McDermott (Hampton Falls)


Tim Roache, Executive Director

David Walker, Assistant Director

Annette Pettengill, Business Manager

Srinivasan "Ravi" Ravikumer (Seabrook)

Valerie Gamache (North Hampton)

Lang Plumer (Exeter)

Denis Hebert (Newington)

Barbara Kravitz (Hampton)

Lucy Cushman (Stratham)

Tim Moore (Plaistow)

Jim Doggett (Newton)

Committee Meeting Documents

Committee Date Agenda Minutes Meeting Documents
Executive Committee 2022-05-25
Executive Committee 2021-09-22
Executive Committee 2021-06-23
Executive Committee 2021-04-28
Executive Committee 2021-03-24
Executive Committee 2021-02-24
Executive Committee 2021-01-27