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Project Solicitation & Selection

The Rockingham MPO is responsible for identifying and addressing transportation service and infrastructure needs at the regional level. This includes the development and maintenance of the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP ) which establishes regional transportation goals and project priorities to meet these goals over the next 20 years. The highest priority projects from the LRTP are submitted to NH DOT as part of the Ten Year Plan (TYP ) process and proposals selected for inclusion in that document undergo early preparation work. Once a project in the Ten Year Plan is within four years of implementation, it is included in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP ) where funding is dedicated specifically for design, engineering, and construction.

The MPO updates the list of projects (and the LRTP) in odd numbered years in preparation for the next iteration of the State Ten Year Plan by NH DOT. These updates require community involvement in assessing transportation issues and identifying needs in the region to ensure that problems are being addressed. As part of that process, we solicit feedback from communities and transportation agencies regarding:

  • Whether priorities from each are included on the existing list of projects;
  • Assistance in identifying any transportation service or infrastructure problems that are not being addressed; and,
  • The relative priority of each project that is proposed for funding.

  • 2018-19 Project Solicitation Process

    The RPC is in the process of updating the LRTP and project list in preparation for the next iteration of the Ten Year Plan by NH DOT that is due to begin in the fall of 2018. The MPO is starting the process earlier than in the past to allow for additional time for review and prioritization. These updates require community involvement in assessing transportation issues and needs in the region. Please review the project list below to ensure that priorities from your community are included, and identify any transportation service or infrastructure problems that are not being addressed.

    By September 28th, 2018, please confirm via email ( or letter from City Council/Selectboard or Community Administrator the following:

    • If there are multiple projects listed for your community, please establish the relative priority of each.
    • Finally, if there are new project proposals to submit for consideration, please complete an application form by following the link (hosted by google docs).

    2018-19 Project Application guidance:

    2018-19 Project Application Guidance

    2018-19 Project Budget Spreadsheet

    Current MPO Long Range Transportation Plan and Project Viewer

    Long Range Transportation Plan Project List Only [As adopted]. This includes two figures from the LRTP: Figure 5.6 - Short Range Projects and Figure 5.7 - Long Range Projects.

    Current State Ten Year Plan on (NHDOT Website)

    2018-19 RPC Project Application Form

    RPC has developed a project application form utilizing Google Docs (linked below)

    2018-19 RPC Project Application Form (hosted by google)

    Project Selection Process

    In New Hampshire the progression of projects from idea to reality involves the cooperative efforts of the MPO and NHDOT and the interaction of federal and state processes. Proposed projects (generally) start by being added to the MPO Long Range Transportation Plan (see graphic above) and are prioritized as part of that process. The highest priority projects are then recommended to be added to the State Ten Year Plan as part of the biennial update of that document by NHDOT. Once a project has been added to the Ten Year Plan some preliminary organization, planning, and design may occur, but work will not begin in earnest until the first phase of the project has entered the current four year Transportation Improvement Program.

    2019 Project Selection Information

    The 2018-2019 Project Selection process is still in development however it will very likely follow a similar methodology as utilized in past years. The MPO must submit its priorities for the State Ten Year Plan by April, 2019 and the statewide coordination for that will begin this fall with discussions between NHDOT and the Regional Planning Commissions regarding project selection criteria. At the same time, the MPO Transportation Advisory Committee and staff will be establishing the internal methodology to identify priority projects. This information will be updated as soon as it is available.

    2017 Project Selection Information

    Projects are evaluated and prioritized at the regional level and the top priorities that fit within the region’s target budget as provided by NHDOT will be considered for the State Ten Year Plan. Both the State and the MPO will be utilizing the same project selection criteria and while the specific weightings have not been finalized, the selection criteria will consist of the following:

    • Project Feasibility – Does the project address a transportation need in a reasonable manner and is it likely to receive required resource agency permits?
    • Project Eligibility – Is the project eligible for federal funding? Does the project conform to pertinent regulations?
    • Mobility and Accessibility – Does the project reduce congestion, improve freight movement or accessibility to employment and other opportunities?
    • Safety – What is the site crash history and does the proposal focus on improving safety?
    • Network Significance – What is the importance of the facility as part of the state transportation network?
    • State of Repair – What condition is the facility currently in and is it an optimum investment of resources?
    • Project Support – Is the project supported locally, regionally, and at the state level?

    The current project selection criteria, including the weight given to each in the scoring process, are detailed in the scoring methodology linked below.

    2017 RPC Project Scoring Methodology (Updated 2/28/2017)

    2017 Draft Priority Projects for State Ten Year Plan (Updated 4/7/2017)

    2017 Priority Projects for the State Ten Year Plan as submitted to NHDOT (5/2/2017)

    Other Project Selection Information

    In odd numbered years the RPC submits a prioritized list of projects to NHDOT for consideration to be added to the State Ten Year Plan. Past submittals:

    2015 Ten Year Plan Project Priorities

    NHDOT Ten Year Plan home page provides information on current and past State Ten Year Plans as well as information regarding the current iteration of the Ten Year Plan development process.