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Region Electricity Supply Aggregation

Rockingham Planning Commission is forming an electricity supply aggregation for municipal, school, and county facilities in our region. The goal of the Electricity Supply Aggregation is to purchase electricity as a group from a competitive supplier at a lower rate than each member could receive on its own. By purchasing as an aggregation, municipalities and school districts can offer electricity suppliers a larger demand than if they each tried to purchase electricity individually. The larger demand, in turn, allows suppliers to offer a better rate to the aggregation than it could to individual members. The aggregation also makes it possible for members to share the costs of documenting load data, organizing a RPF process, selecting a supplier, conducting negotiations, and managing energy contracts.

Based on input, we decided that the best approach for the Rockingham Electricity Supply Aggregation is to move forward with a traditional RFP process to procure a competitive supplier. The RFP will be distributed to all competitive suppliers registered with the NH Public Utilities Commission. Everyone who participates in the Aggregation will contract with the same supplier and will receive the same contract terms. Within the Aggregation, all members will sign their own contracts, but all contracts will be identical in language. In addition, all members within the same distribution territory (ex. Eversource, Unitil, NH Electric Coop), will receive the same electricity supply rate.

The timeline for this initial RFP process is below and we anticipate going out to bid this July, signing contracts in September, and beginning with the competitive supplier in November. The timing of subsequent RFP processes will be dependent upon the contract length selected through this initial RFP. For those municipalities and school districts that are currently without a competitive supplier or that have contracts terminating prior to November 2019 and wish to participate in the RFP, please carefully read, sign, and return the Memorandum of Understanteing (below) to Rockingham Planning Commission by April 26, 2019.

We will certainly keep the remaining municipalities and school districts in the region informed about future opportunities to participate. It is our hope that as your current contracts expire we will be able to add you to the Aggregation.

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