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Regional & Community Planning

Community and Regional Planning

The RPC provides a wide variety of community and regional planning services. RPC’s work is largely defined by an annual Work Program, which is adopted by RPC’s Board of Commissioners each fiscal year. That work program is divided into a regional component and a local component. The Regional Work Program includes work that covers multiple communities or the entire region. For example, work associated with metropolitan transportation planning (MPO), water quality issues, the regional master plan, training and education, household hazardous waste, economic development and part of the regional work program. Town-specific projects like updating a master plan or capital improvement programs (CIPs), providing circuit rider services, developing an open space or trails map make up the Local Work Program.

The regional and community planning work RPC engages in is determined by agency priorities, as expressed by Commission members, and by the agency’s ability to find funding to support those work priorities. One of the most important roles of RPC Commissioners is to determine and to guide those priorities, and in ways that reflects both the needs and interests of their communities, and of the region as a whole.

More information about RPC’s current work program is available on the Work Program page.