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Development of the TIP

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is updated biennially in even numbered years as part of the State Ten Year Plan update process ( In New Hampshire, the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) consists of the fiscally constrained highest priority projects in the first four years of the most recent adopted State Ten Year Plan. The regional TIPs are derived from the STIP for each MPO region and are composed of the projects within the particular MPO as well as the more general statewide programs and set-asides.

Every two years, the MPO solicits project proposals from communities and other local & regional organizations to be considered for funding through the regional transportation planning process. As part of this process, the MPO verifies the priority of the projects identified in the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and solicits proposals from communities, transit agencies, and NHDOT to consider transportation improvements not yet included. Communities and other appropriate organizations are encouraged to evaluate their priorities for highway, bridge, bike/pedestrian, transit, and other transportation projects now in preparation for the application process.

The RPC utilizes a set of project selection procedures and criteria to assist in setting regional priorities for transportation improvements. Since their initial adoption in 1995, the procedures have been modified to incorporate improvements identified in preceding TIP/Plan development cycles. These procedures are intended to: (1) assist municipalities and other organizations in developing and submitting transportation improvement projects, and to (2) guide the MPO in prioritizing transportation improvements to be included in the Long Range Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The current project selection procedures were developed in cooperation with NHDOT and the other New Hampshire Planning Commissions and reflect a coordinated effort to consider and prioritize projects consistently in the statewide process.

More information on the project solicitation process and the project selection criteria can be found in the Long Range Transportation Plan section of the website.

The MPO, according to federal rules, is also required to meet specified minimum standards for public involvement in transportation planning. The Planning Commission invites and encourages the public to attend hearings and discuss the process, the current transportation system, and project needs via newspaper articles and advertisements, social media, and the RPC website.

Municipalities, transportation agencies, and other public bodies are eligible and were encouraged to submit project proposals through this process.