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Minor Revisions

Information Only changes and Administrative Modifications

The intent of the Minor Revision process is to allow, where suitable, relatively small changes to be made to projects in an expedited fashion based on established thresholds. The administrative modification option is available for projects at the discretion of the MPO, which may instead opt for the formal amendment process. Unlike in the case of full amendments, the MPO may delegate the approval of modifications to a person or subcommittee and for the RPC, the Executive Director is provided with the authority to approve Administrative Modifications and to determine when such changes should instead be elevated to full Amendment Status.

On generally a monthly basis, a list of projects that are potentially eligible for information only revision or administrative modification is reviewed through the interagency consultation process. Following that review, each of the affected MPOs and rural planning commissions receives a finalized list of projects with the proposed changes within their jurisdiction. The NHDOT certifies that the STIP will remain financially constrained after taking into account the proposed project changes and notifies FHWA/FTA of the project changes. Administrative Modifications should typically take less than one month to process, and often can be processed by the MPO within a much shorter time-frame.

To process Administrative Modifications and the accompanying information only changes, the Executive Director notifies TAC and Policy Committee members of the request and the intended response. If reasonable objections are raised by any member, the Director will elevate the Administrative Modification to a full Amendment. The Executive Director issues a letter to NHDOT for each modification indicating concurrence or disapproval of the proposed changes. Prior to issuing an administrative modification letter, Copies of all Administrative Modifications letters issued by the Executive Director are provided to members of the TAC and Policy Committees and are reviewed and made part of the record at the subsequent MPO Policy Committee meeting.

The most recent Administrative Revisions to the TIP that have been approved by the Executive Director are listed below. All of the Administrative Revision approval letters can be found in the document library.

Full project tables for each S/TIP Administrative Adjustment can also be found on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation STIP web page.

Most Recent Administrative Modifications