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MPO Policy Committee

The MPO Policy Committee is charged with providing policy level recommenda­tions, approvals and endorsements of the Rockingham MPO concerning transpor­ta­tion issues that have a bearing on the MPO's continued, comprehen­sive, and coordinated transportation planning process. This includes but is not limited to activities such as:

  1. Establishing the policy direction of the MPO thro­ugh its adopted plans and policy statements;
  2. In cooperation with the New Hampshire Department of Transpor­ta­tion (NHDOT), establishing procedures and requirements whereby Section 112 (PL) and FTA Section 5303 (Metropolitan Transit Planning) funds will be allocated and made available.
  3. Adopting and amending the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), the Long Range Transportation Plan, and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP);
  4. Reviewing and commenting on individual projects, programs, plans, and reports relative to the adopted transportation policies and positions;
  5. Reviewing and endorsing technical reports and studies prepared by the MPO staff or consultants;
  6. Ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990 by making conformity determinations for MPO TIPs and MPO transportation plans, with assistance from ­NHDOT.
  7. Adopting and/or revising plans, policies and findings recommended by the Technical Advisory Committee, including technical reports and memoranda;
  8. Providing a mechanism to facilitate and broaden public involvement in transportation planning and decision making processes.

Voting membership on the Policy Committee includes Planning Commission board members (local representatives appointed in accordance with RSA 36:41 and 36:46) plus representatives appointed by the NHDOT, NHDES (Air Resources Division), COAST, CART, UNH Wildcat Transit, the Pease Development Authority, and RPC non-member communities. Non-voting members include federal transportation agency representatives, neighboring MPOs/RPCs, non-public transportation providers, and other state and federal transportation officials and other participants. The MPO Prospectus provides a detailed listing of the Policy Committee and Technical Advisory Committee membership broken down by voting and non-voting status.

Voting Members (Number of Votes in Accordance with RSA 36:41)

Atkinson (2)

Hampton (3)

Plaistow (2)

Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST)

Brentwood (2)

Hampton Falls (2)

Portsmouth (4)

Cooperative Alliance for Regional Transportation (CART)

Danville (2)*

Kensington (2)

Rye (2)

NHDOT Planning Bureau or Commissioner designee

East Kingston (2)

Kingston (2)

Salem (4)*

NHDOT Bureau of Rail and Transit or Commissioner designee

Epping (2)

New Castle (2)

Sandown (2)

NHDES Air Resources Division

Exeter (3)

Newfields (2)

Seabrook (2)

Pease Development Authority

Fremont (2)

Newington (2)

South Hampton (2)

Rockingham Planning Commission

Greenland (2)

Newton (2)

Stratham (2)

University of New Hampshire Wildcat Transit

Hampstead (2)

North Hampton (2)

*Non-member municipalities are entitled to 1 voting representative

Non-Voting Members

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Southern Maine Planning Commission
Federal Aviation Administration Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
Federal Railroad Administration Maine Department of Transportation
NHDOT – Aeronautics Division Massachusetts Department of Transportation
NHDOT – District VI New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning
Nashua Regional Planning Commission Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority
Strafford Regional Planning Commission

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