Phone: 603-778-0885
Fax: 603-778-9183


Contact Information:

163 Main Street

Kingston, NH 03848

(603) 642-3342

Community Profile (NH Employment Security)

RPC Commissioners: Glenn Coppelman, Peter Coffin

RPC Provided Services to Kingston:

  • Assistance with updates to the Capital Improvements Program.
  • General transportation planning assistance (MPO).
  • Assistance with municipal impacts of NH Route 125 project implementation.
  • Updates to the Standard Map set.
  • General GIS mapping assistance.
  • Water quality planning support via the Exeter-Squamscott River Local Advisory Committee.
  • Technical assistance for the Collaborative Engagement and Capacity Building in the Powwow River Watershed (NHDES 604(b) grant).

Relevant Documents

The following recent regional and community specific RPC documents may be of particular interest to Kingston.