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Regional Master Plan

The RPC Regional Master Plan is intended to serve as a resource to municipalities in the Rockingham Planning Commission region in developing local master plans, in recommending regional priorities, goals and actions, and identifying areas of potential regional collaboration and cooperation. The plan focuses on the subjects of land use, transportation, economic development, housing, infrastructure, energy, and cultural, historic, and natural resources.

Preparation and adoption of a Regional Master Plan fulfills a statutory requirement for all regional planning commissions under RSA 36, which defines these regional plans as strictly advisory documents. Specifically, the statue calls upon the regional planning commissions “to prepare a coordinated plan for the development of a region taking into account present and future needs with a view toward facilitating the most appropriate use of land the facilitation of transportation and communication the proper and economic location of public utilities and services; the development of adequate recreational areas; the promotion of good civic design; and the wise and efficient expenditure of public funds.” (RSA 36:45).

The RPC Regional Master Plan was adopted by the RPC Commissioners in April 2015.

Regional Master Plan Chapters

Chapter WebpageChapter PDFChapter Maps PDF
Introduction and Vision[Introduction]
No chapter maps
Regional Overview[Regional Overview]No chapter maps
Economic Development[Economic Development]No chapter maps
Natural Resources[Natural Resources][Maps]
Historic Resources[Historic Resources][Maps]
Natural Hazards[Natural Hazards][Maps]
Climate Change[Climate Change][Maps]
Scenario Planning[Scenario Planning][Maps]
Implementation Plan[Implementation Plan]No chapter maps