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Project Solicitation for the Long Range Transportation Plan


The Rockingham Planning Commission is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the region and, in that regard, is responsible for identifying and addressing transportation service and infrastructure needs at the regional level. This includes the development and maintenance of the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) which establishes regional transportation goals and project priorities to meet these goals over the next 20 years. The highest priority projects from the LRTP are submitted to NH DOT as part of the Ten Year Plan (TYP) process and proposals selected for inclusion in that document undergo early preparation work. Once a project in the Ten Year Plan advances to the first four years, it is included in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) where funding is dedicated specifically for design, engineering, and construction.

The Rockingham Planning Commission is updating the list of transportation projects in the Plan and prioritizing projects in to recommend for the next State Ten Year Plan cycle that NHDOT will begin this fall. These updates require community involvement in identifying local transportation issues and needs throughout the region, which are then prioritized and submitted to NHDOT for the Ten Year Plan. Please visit the MPO Project Solicitation and Selection page of the website to review the current process and project lists to ensure that priorities from your community are included.

In that regard, please confirm via email (to or letter from City Council/Selectboard or Community/Agency Administrator the following by September 1, 2020:

  1. That any project in your community that is currently on the Long Range Plan Project List remains a local priority (please provide any updated information available).
  2. If there are multiple projects listed for your community, please establish the relative priority of each.
  3. Finally, if there are new project proposals to submit for consideration, please complete a Project Application form (hosted by Microsoft Forms). Project forms and guidance can also be accessed by going to the MPO Project Solicitation and Selection page at the following link:
  4. Full details on the project solicitation and selection process are available on the Project Solicitation and Selection page of the RPC website and will be kept updated as we get further into this process.

Please contact Dave Walker (658-0514 or at RPC if you have any questions about the information in this letter or need assistance with project information and submittals. Given the ongoing pandemic, RPC staff will be available for virtual meetings in July and August with interested Town Administrators and other community staff to discuss the process and potential projects. Given the important role of the legislature in the Ten Year Plan process, it is also recommended that you make your local legislators aware of the transportation needs and priorities of your community.