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Request for Proposals - Traffic Counting Services



Traffic Counting Services


January 4, 2021

Submission Deadline: 4:00 PM, February 12, 2021

1.0 Introduction

The Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC), is a public non-profit regional planning commission established under RSA 36 which conducts regional land use, transportation and community planning, and functions as the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for southeastern New Hampshire. (See Study Map – Appendix A)

This RFP is issued for the purpose of securing the services of a qualified Consultant to provide traffic counting services in support of the agency’s transportation planning program. The selected vendor must agree to a fixed fee contract to provide a set number of counts over a specified period as defined herein.

2.0 Background

The RPC conducts an annual traffic counting program in coordination with the NH Department of Transportation (NHDOT) as part of the agency’s biennial transportation planning program. The RPC counting program is integrated with the NHDOT’s such that the results generated from our counts are reviewed and integrated into the NHDOT ADT database and used, in part, to fulfill Federal Highway Administration highway performance monitoring (HPMS) requirements. The annual list of count locations includes single and bi-directional ADT counts as well as vehicle class counts. Traffic count location, type and frequency are defined cooperatively by the NHDOT and RPC to satisfy respective agency needs.

3.0 Objectives

The RPC’s traffic counting program objectives are

  • To successfully complete the traffic counts (a combination of single, bidirectional ADT and vehicle class counts) committed to by the RPC according to the specifications established in the Scope of Services;
  • To complete and verify counts in a timely manner, concluding all counts by mid-November of any year;
  • To maintain close coordination and communication with the RPC and NHDOT regarding the scheduling of counts and locations and any difficulties encountered;
  • To avoid deploying counts in locations where temporary or unusual circumstances will preclude average or typical count conditions (e.g. pavement work or construction; local events causing unusual traffic conditions);
  • Conduct all counts in a manner that ensures the safely of motorists, pedestrians, and consultant staff;
  • To provide cost effective count services to the RPC.

For more information about the request for proposals, please click HERE for a PDF with complete details.

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