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Celebrate Great Bay and Hampton Estuaries during National Estuaries Week, September 15-22!


RPC is celebrating by sharing a refreshing tale and photos of the beauty and bounty that NH’s estuaries hold by David O’Hearn, Exeter-Squamscott River Local Advisory Committee member and long-time user of the river and Great Bay.


David O’Hearn,

Exeter – Squamscott River Local Advisory Committee

The last season's baiting of the lobster traps was done today. Next week the traps go to dry dock. The catch was poor with only five keepers coming home but that usually happens when we get the hard running tides of last week. My last two traps were so full of bottom debris I struggled getting them over the gunnel.

The tide was right for clamming and picking oysters though. Got a peck of clams and a limit of oysters. The oysters were just lying on the ground after the tide went out. It was unreal. Lots of big oysters and I targeted those. The amount of spat (young oysters) sticking to every rock and every shell in the bed was very encouraging.

I miscalculated how far I brought my boat ashore. Had a little time on my hands until the tide returned.

It was a good day to be a Bayman. I hit the trifecta.