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2019 Hayden and Quinlan Awards


Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 James Hayden Awards and Daniel Quinlan Award, presented at RPC's Annual Meeting on June 12 in Hampton.

Hayden Awards: Linda Harvey of Salem, and Friends of Kingston Open Space (accepted by Rick Russman).

Quinlan Award: Jay Diener of Hampton.

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James Hayden Award

The James Hayden Award was established in remembrance of Jim Hayden, RPC Commissioner from Newfields and long time District Conservationist for the Soil Conservation Service (now Natural Resources Conservation Service) for Rockingham County for many years.Jim retired from the SCS in the mid 1980s and became RPC Commissioner in 1988.He was instrumental in the development of the County Soil Survey and in efforts to protect the natural resource base of the County and region in the face of extensive development.He contributed to the creation of many of the essential tools that most towns still use today in planning, including wetlands, shoreline and aquifer protection overlay zoning and also promoted the use of soil and resource mapping in community and site planning.Accordingly, the Hayden Award is intended to recognize those in the region who have made significant contributions to their communities or the greater region in natural resource conservation and planning.The Hayden Award has been awarded seven times since its inception:Forest Griffin of North Hampton & Exeter in 2003; Larry Smith of East Kingston in 2007; Alice Tonry of Hampton Falls in 2008; Mary Currier of RCCD in 2009; The Tucker and French Families of Kingston in 2010; and Sue Foote of Seabrook in 2011 and to the North Hampton Forever Land Conservation Initiative in 2012.

Daniel Quinlan Award

The Daniel Quinlan Award was established in memory of Dan Quinlan, long serving RPC Commissioners and twice RPC Chairman from Windham.Dan was exemplary over many years in service both to his Town (as library Trustee, Planning Board member and other roles) and to the regional community as RPC Commissioner and Master Plan Committee, Regional Impacts Committee and Chair for two terms.He worked to ensure the best for the Commission, but also to ensure that the Commission did its best to serve his community and region.His skill was to bring people together to solve problems.The Quinlan Award is given in recognition of those in the region who made significant contributions to sound community and regional planning and have fostered intermunicipal cooperation and collaboration in the region.The Quinlan Award has been awarded seven times since its inception:Merilyn Senter of Plaistow in 2005; Cliff Sinnott, RPC Executive Director in 2006; Glenn Coppelman of Kingston in 2008, Ted Tocci of Hampton Falls in 2009; Tim Moore of Plaistow in 2010; and Warren Bambury of Hampton in 2011, and to Steve Miller, GBNERR and Sherry Godlewski of NHDES in their roles as Co-Chairs of the Climate Adaptation Workgroup.