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2018-11-05 - Regional Impact Subcommittee will meet to discuss Lonza Expansion at Pease Tradeport

The Regional Impact Subcommittee of the Rockingham Planning Commission will meet at 4:00 PM on November 5th at the Exeter Public Library to discuss the proposed expansion of Lonza facilities at the Pease Tradeport as per the NH RSA 36:54-58 established process. As explained in RSA 36:54-58, a determination of regional impact affords the abutting communities and the regional planning commission the status of abutter. It is also an opportunity to broaden the scope of review and in doing so, gain additional input and technical support in the review of large, complex development proposals and evaluate potential effects on inter-municipal agreements. During this meeting, the subcommittee will hear a presentation on the proposal, as well as concerns from abutters and the general public. RPC will provide findings from the review and the meeting to the host community to aid in its review of the project. Further RPC guidance can be found on the RPC Regional Impacts webpage.

Agenda - 11/5/2018 Developments of Regional Impact Subcommittee

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2018-06-28 - Updated Land Use Data Are Now Available for the RPC Region!

RPC has compiled historical land use data for communities in the RPC region for the years 1962, 1974, 1998, 2005, 2010, and 2015. Data for the year 2015 has been included in the updated data compilation. Each community’s data can be accessed via the community pages on the RPC website under “Relevant Documents”. Data for the overall RPC region is available on the RPC communities main page, accessed via the same link.

Land use data is derived from high-resolution image sources, which is used to create land use data layers for the region via the NH Land Use Mapping Standard. The resulting data consists of 14 categories of land use types, which have been quantified in acres per community per year, as noted.

For additional information on the mapping standard or the available land use information, please contact RPC personnel: Robert Pruyne or Christian Matthews

[Land Use]

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