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Rockingham Region Boundary
Strafford Region Boundary

Project Layers
Emergency Management (EM)
    EM-1 Evacuation ITS Improvements
    EM-2 US Route 4 Incident Reporting
    EM-3 Route 101 Corridor ITS
Information Management and Communications (IMC)
    IMC-1 SRPC Data Warehouse Study
    IMC-2 RPC Data Warehouse Study
    IMC-3 Bridge Security Surveillance and Interagency Video Exchange
    IMC-4 Region-to-TMC Communications Backbone (Region Wide)
Multimodal Management (MM)
    MM-1 Route 1 and Route 1A Integrated Corridor Management Study
    MM-2 Regional 511 Interface Study/Long-Range Plan (Region Wide)
Parking Management (PM)
    PM-1 Park-and-Ride ITS Improvements
Transit Management (PT)
    PT-1 Regional Call/Coordination Center for Demand Response Services (Region Wide)
    PT-2 Regional Transit ITS Procurement Coordination (Region Wide)
    PT-3 COAST Transit Signal Priority Implementation
    PT-4 Real-time Information for UNH Transit Users
    PT-5 Real-time Information for COAST Transit Users
    PT-6 Mobile Data Terminal Deployment for COAST Vehicles
Traffic Management (TM)
    TM-1 Signal Coordination and Maintenance Study (Region Wide)
    TM-2 US Route 4 Corridor ITS
    TM-3 Route 125 Corridor ITS
    TM-4 Route 111 Corridor ITS
    TM-5 NH Route 9 Corridor ITS
    TM-6 Route 108 Corridor ITS
    TM-7 Expansion of Open Road Tolling