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Performance Based Planning

Performance based planning and programming (PBPP) is the application of performance management – using system information strategically to make investment and policy decisions - to the long range planning and programming process. PBPP uses metrics about the transportation system to establish strategic directions; to analyze infrastructure investments, policies and programs, and to evaluate outcomes. Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) requires for the first time performance based planning and performance management in statewide and metropolitan planning. It also sets seven national goals, requires USDOT to establish related performance measures, and requires States and MPOs to adopt targets based on these measures. As of September, 2015, final rules regarding performance management for MPOs have not been finalized

New Hampshire Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) along with the Department of Transportation (NHDOT), Federal Highways administration (FHWA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) have formed a preliminary Working Group to establish and implement performance-based transportation planning in New Hampshire, on both regional and state levels. There are several goals for this effort:

  • Share resources in the integration of performance based planning into the transportation planning and programming process in New Hampshire.
  • Create a broad knowledge base regarding performance measures in New Hampshire
  • Develop a common set of core performance measures used by all MPOs
  • Develop a set of candidate performance measures that have been researched and evaluated and can be used by NHDOT, the MPOs, or others.
  • Involve the many regional planning partners in identifying, evaluating, and selecting performance measures and targets.
  • Integrate performance measures into the project selection process for the MPO Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTPs) and Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs), as well as the State Ten Year Plan.

In the future, this portion of the website will feature the MPO Performance Report as well as the details regarding selected MPO Performance measures, metrics, and targets.


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